Top Reasons for Buying a Hitch Bike Rack

Having a bike is a wonderful experience. You can take it to almost anywhere by pedaling. If you need to go further with it, you should look for a way of carrying your bike. Bike racks offer you the opportunity to do this. Nowadays, there are several types and styles on the market. In fact, they are not all the same. You should read hitch bike rack reviews before buying. With this in mind, if the car has a trailer hitch, you should consider getting one installed. In such a case, the hitch bike rack is the simplest to have and probably the most convenient option.

What is the need to have a hitch bike rack instead of a roof-mounted rack or the strap-on rack? The following are some of the reasons that make hitch bike racks a good option.

Carrying Multiple Bikes

hitch bike rackThe good thing about a hitch bike rack is that you can carry several bikes at any given time. In fact, most types of racks you find on the market can only carry a maximum of two bikes at once. You can find hitch racks that can carry three or four bikes, without putting your bikes in danger.

No Loose Straps

Most bike racks you find on the market need straps to ensure the rack is secure. That is the case when strap-based systems do not fit over the back of your trunk or minivan. Such systems are only secure as the straps that get them in place. A damaged or loose strap could spell disaster for the bikes and it can even cause accidents.

Keep Vehicle Clearance the Same

Usually, roof racks allow carrying a maximum of two bikes. However, you need them to be in an upright position. The fact that they add several feet to the top of your vehicle means that they can put you in the problem of encountering low-clearance obstacles. That is the case if you are driving through lanes.

No Breaking Down of Bikes

yamaha bike rackSome bike racks require that you remove the front wheels of the bike to secure it within the rack. That is the case with roof racks. This needs additional effort and time, plus the hassle of storing wheels in the vehicle. The hitch bike rack will allow you to slide the bike over the rack and strap it in place.

Maximize Bed Space

If you have a truck, then you may have considered the need for buying a bed bike rack. It is a great option that allows you to carry bikes upright in a protected area.…