Enjoy Your Holiday with These Water Activities

Spending time on land may seem boring and mundane to some people. If you get the same idea, then you should try water activities instead. The breeze on the open water is relaxing, and the unobstructed view of nature can be a cure to the claustrophobic culture of modern life. Water has its unique healing property that you will not feel if you spend your time on land.

Private Cruising

sailing on a boatYou may associate cruising with a high-end ship and international destinations. However, you can rent a boat at a nearby lake/river/sea, explore the water, and call it a private cruise. The primary goal is to find peace in a new environment. Besides, your journey to the open water will be much more exciting if you bring along your family members, set some interesting on-board activities, and have special moments with them.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that your boat in a tip-top condition. First, you need to check the boat stabilizer, and then, you should see if it requires maintenance or replacement. Even if you are sure that the wind is good for sailing, it would be better if you don’t take any risks, or you will waste your vacation.


kayak fishingFishing has its unique challenges. Not only are you required to outsmart the fish but also to read nature. If you fish in the open sea, the trials will be much more difficult for you because you must monitor the weather while detecting for your catch. Moreover, fishing in the open sea will be fun if done in a group. You can ask your friends to tag along and hunt for some marlins, dorado, or tarpon.

Aside from the sea with a big boat, you can fish in a river or lake. However, you have to be stealthy enough because the fish in those areas are sensitive to noise and will flee as soon as they notice commotion nearby. Therefore, fishers often use kayaks or small boats for lake/river fishing.

Volunteering in Marine Conservation

a scuba diverThe best thing about volunteering in environmental projects is that you can contribute positively to nature while traveling worldwide and interacting with new people and their cultures. However, the prerequisite for this activity is a diving license because all of the programs will require you to use scuba.

For beginners, you can check Reef Check and Coral Watch to get a brief picture of what marine conservation volunteers mainly do. You will learn how to save turtles, clean the ocean from pollutants, grow corals, and to check the water quality.…