4 Top Destinations to Choose for Your Vacation in 2018


In the present times, travelers have become cautious of the places they want to visit for their vacations. They are now looking for destinations that provide them with detailed and complex vacations with unending fun and excitement throughout the holiday.

Whether you are looking for heart-stopping adventures, perfect meals and cuisines or a first-hand look at history, numerous destinations provide these activities as a single package. These destinations include:

Solta, Croatia

croatiaCroatia boasts of being home to over 1200 islands and hence its nickname “Adriatic Sea Jewel.” When in Croatia, you get a chance to sample some of the best coastal experiences including unlimited water sports and other water-related fun activities.

The island boasts of a stony islet that has become synonymous with a classic and unique nature featuring turquoise waters, pebbly beaches, and lush greenery. While in Solta, you can watch a beautiful sunset on Maslinica bay, enjoy a thrilling nightlife in the stylish beach clubs spread all over the island and eat in open-air restaurants.

Cape Verde Islands

For people who are keen on enjoying an all-round vacation experience, the Cape Verde Islands are the best tourist destinations for them. Boasting of a melodic heritage borrowed from African, Brazilian and Iberian cultural influences, the islands provide travelers with an all-round getaway destination for all types of tourists.

There are unique volcanic peaks on the island that create a beautiful backdrop to the beaches & bays, bizarre dragon trees, deep ravines and waterfront towns that highlight the islands’ beauty. When on the island, be sure to sip grogue (locally made rum) and listen to morna-traditional folk tunes.

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are a suitably idyllic collection of islands that pride themselves in a pure white sand rain forest that provides shelter to different species of wildlife. These remote islands in India provide a suitable getaway for people looking for a honeymoon getaway or an interrupted family vacation.

The best thing about these remote islands is that they are easily accessible from the mainland through flights to Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata. The only concern about visiting these islands are that there are limited accommodation facilities on the islands.

Valletta, Malta

Since 1565, Valletta has become a top tourist destination due to its classic attractions and artistic sights. The fascinating aspect about Valletta is that there are lots of activities to take part in when there on vacation. These events feature all kinds of art, opera and music, dance, food and fireworks among other types of events.

While in Valletta, be sure to visit the National Art Gallery, St. John’s Cathedral and the many museums spread all over Malta. Valletta prides itself on dizzying spectacular railways and road connections that are a sight to behold.

Final word

There are other top destinations to choose for your vacation in 2018 with most of these destinations promising to provide you with memorable fun and excitement that you will live to cherish and remember. When choosing the most ideal destination to go to, it is advisable that you choose a destination that suits all your vacation needs.…