Are you planning to travel with your pet any day soon? Taking your pet to that planned vocation may be one great thing to do this year. But some questions may be lingering in your mind about all that you should consider while preparing to travel on an airline with it. You are not alone. Many are thinking about the same but don’t have the detailed checklist of all the necessary bits they need to prepare. Look no further, here are the important things you need to check for.

Type and size of pet

Pet carrierMost airlines offer space to travel with small sized pets whose carrier can fit under a planes seat. It is wise to confirm whether your pet’s size fits the airlines’ regulations. The other important factor is which type of pet you want to travel with; not all pets are allowed to travel with certain airlines.

On the other hand, airlines may allow pets to travel in the cabin, in their own special boxes. If this is the case, ensure that the box is spacious enough to suit the comfort of your pet.

The destination country

Confirm this two things about your destination country; What vaccines do they require for pets and for what duration of time before you travel with it? And what types of pets do they allow to their country?

For instance, The United States requires that you vaccinate your dog 30 days before travel against the rabbi’s virus. They don’t require it for cats but other countries do. It is essential to get clear information about this issues.

Book early

Airlines have a limit to the number of pets that they can hold in their cabins. It is important to book early so that your pet does not miss out the opportunity.

The traveling seasons

Airlines have a stipulation on the months and seasons when it is most advisable to travel with your pet. Summer and winter or the hot and cold months may not be very suitable for travel.

Why? These may not provide the best travel environment to the may even die in the process. But if the season is right, prepare your pet to ensure it’s comfortable and best for travel

Prepare your pet

CatFirst, check in with the vet. Apart from considering the health checks needed by your travel destination, other health checks are suitable to ensure your pet travels healthy. Sometimes microchips for identification have to be served.

Remember, tranquilizers and sedatives are not recommended. Also ensure, the pet is used to travel by engaging it to some car rides. Check also for planes with few layovers. For cabin travels, ensure that they can get the right space and good ventilation.

Pet Airways or pet vocation

If all these things do not fit, two other options are available. Give the pet a personal vocation when you leave in great kernels, leaving it with a friend or paying for animal suites which can accommodate them at suitable fees whole giving them great treats. But if the travel is a must with your four-legged friends, pet airlines which offer pet only travels in right conditions to destinations. It’s time to take your pet for travel.